Faculty Development
Our faculty development programs operate on the same principle we recommend for classroom use: Student Centered Learning. Our facilitators model the type of teaching and classroom management that professors should implement when they teach. Content is delivered in a way that participants can easily assimilate, comprehend and apply. Instruction and coaching are delivered in with warmth, enthusiasm and encouragement.

 Workshops for hands-on, practical learning
 In-class monitoring and personal coaching for instructors
 Ready reference on leading-edge instructional methods

Curriculum Development

Effective teaching requires much more than good speaking skills. For learning to be truly student centered, it must involve a variety of delivery media that will engage and empower students to succeed. Using your existing syllabus, we co-create with your professors a set of creative learning exercises and materials that will stimulate and captivate the minds of college- and PG-age learners. At your option, we can also collaborate with you to create new curricula for emerging subjects.

 Lesson plans
 Multi-media resources
 Exam papers and grading guidelines

Learning Management Software
Technology has tremendous potential to improve education, but at present, few know how to use it to best effect. Our approach is to use software to enrich the interaction between faculty and students, and to enable instructors to successfully manage a demanding teaching schedule with large numbers of students.

 Improved feedback and coaching for students
 Efficient management and marking of student work
 Asynchronous learning and distance learning, where required