What kind of institution should use University 4.0?
University 4.0 is designed for institutions of higher learning, which means post-secondary courses (colleges and post-graduate programs). Professors typically lack formal training as instructors, so we can often contribute significantly to their professional growth and development. While secondary level teachers are usually trained in education, we have also been able to work successfully with secondary schools (high schools).

Which subjects can be taught using University 4.0?
All subjects! We’ve heard some instructors object that their field is too technical or not technical enough for student-centered learning. After they go through our training, they understand that both technical and non-technical subjects can be taught effectively using our delivery techniques and learning exercises.
What are the qualifications of your trainers?
Trainers are added to our team based on their ability to deliver results for you rather than their academic credentials. Our founder spent most of his career in business, although much of his work involved teaching and training. Later, he taught at the college and post-graduate level as an adjunct professor. Other trainers have been selected for their skill in teaching and classroom management and their passion for the education field.

How long before we will see results from University 4.0?
Instructors who have attended our faculty development programs have reported that they were able to implement the material immediately. Curriculum development for a semester-long class takes several weeks, but the impact will be felt from the first classroom session. The benefits of learning management software unfold over the course of a semester. They are usually felt to be most valuable during final exams.

How well do foreign methods work in India?
Excellent teaching has a tradition in India that goes back thousands of years. There is nothing new or foreign about caring for students, tailoring both delivery and study materials to the needs of learners, and using appropriate technology to manage the process. University 4.0 has been proven to work in the context of Indian higher education today. You’re invited to try it and see for yourself how effective great teaching can be.

How much does University 4.0 cost?
We are well aware of the economics of higher education in India, so we have made every effort to keep University 4.0 affordable for you. Even though some of our facilitators earn two lakhs a day or more for their global business services, when they work with University 4.0, they reduce their fees to the point where our faculty development programs cost no more than programs offered by other local educationalists. We are able to supply learning management software free of license charges. Curriculum development costs more, but the prices are competitive and the value for your stakeholders is guaranteed.